Lazy P Dude Ranch

9666C Argyle Road, Irvington, AL

The Successful "Dude" of the Lazy P

  Gabe Peck has a thing for history: especially the history of the Buffalo Solider. A walk through his home is a glimpse of the famed Black horse soliders of the 19th century.  Paintings of Black men riding the plains of the West or standing in uniform adorn the walls.

  Gabe also has a thing for horses.  That love developed when he was growing up in New Orleans and would visit his family's property in St. Francisville, Louisiana, a farming community about 100 miles north of New Orleans and known as plantation country.  His family grew crops like sweet potatoes and cotton and also raised horses, chickens, pigs and cattle.  Those sites, sounds and smells were hard for a city boy to get out of his memory.

He has joined his love for the Buffalo Soliders, the farm and kids into the Lazy P Dude Ranch, a refuge for inner city kids to get away from the city and experience first hand what it was and is like to live the country life